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Athens Endoscopy, LLC
Ambulatory Surgical Center

Dr. Gregory S. Smith is performing procedures in his very own ambulatory surgical center. Athens Endoscopy, LLC (AE) is JACHO/Joint Commission/Medicare certified and provides a relaxing atmosphere with professional and friendly staff. At last you can not only have a procedure to meet your health care needs, but also enjoy the tranquility and comfort of this spa-like atmosphere. Athens Endoscopy, LLC is also offering CareCredit for qualifying persons. Find out how cost effective it is at Athens Endoscopy, LLC!

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Athens Endoscopy, LLC
21 Jefferson Place, Suite 2, Athens, GA 30601
(706) 433- 0788
Fax: (706) 433-0786
Appointments: By appointment only

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Procedures Performed at
Athens endoscopy, llc

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Most procedures require a recovery time. Although Athens Endoscopy, LLC will have you in and out faster than most ambulatory surgical centers, efficiency is based on recovery time which may vary per patient. Enjoy your recovery time in this spa-like atmosphere with relaxing music and attentive staff!

The following procedures usually do not require recovery time and are relatively fast:

  • Esophageal Manometry
  • Pill Camera Endoscopy
  • Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Removal

CareCredit & Pre-Payment Plans

Do you need a procedure, but don’t have the funds right now? Athens Endoscopy, LLC is offering CareCredit medical credit card for qualifying persons. If you are concerned you may not have enough credit to qualify, keep in mind CareCredit is more lenient than most lenders. So go ahead and apply so you can have your procedure now and pay later with 6 months no interest for qualifying persons!

If you don’t qualify or prefer not to apply for credit, Athens Endoscopy, LLC is also offering a pre-payment plan for patients so you can have your procedure paid-off before your procedure date. Talk to our Billing Consultant about setting up a pre-payment plan that best suits you and we can even reschedule your procedure to accommodate your personalized pre-payment plan. Think of it as a healthy investment! Then all you have to worry about after your procedure is what position you would like to relax in. For CareCredit or Pre-Payment Plans, please call our Billing Consultant at 706-548-0058 ext. 207.

Cash Patient Service Fee Schedule

We know not all patients have the luxury of health insurance. We also understand it can be a struggle to pay for health services out-of-pocket. For this reason we have put a Cash Patient Fee Schedule together with discounted prices for full pre-payments.

Click here to see the Cash Patient Fee Schedule (coming soon).

To set up your Cash Patient Pre-Payment Plan, please call our Billing Consultant at 706-548-0058 ext. 207.


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Joint Commission National Quality Approval
Athens Endoscopy, LLC is certified by JACHO/Joint Commission & Medicare


What does it mean to be certified by Joint Comission?

  • Improves the quality of patient care by reduc ing variation in clinical processes – The Joint Commission’s standards and emphasis on clinical practice guidelines help organizations establish a consistent approach to care, reducing the risk of error.
  • Provides a framework for program structure and management – Certification standards help organize the disease management program. This helps to maintain a consistently high-level of quality, using effective data-driven performance improvement.
  • Provides an objective assessment of clinical excellence – Joint Commission reviewers have significant experience evaluating disease man- agement programs. They are trained to provide expert advice and education on good practices during the on-site review.
  • Creates a loyal, cohesive clinical team – Certifi- cation provides an opportunity for staff to de- velop their skills and knowledge. Achieving certification provides the clinical team with a concrete validation of their combined efforts.
  • Promotes a culture of excellence across the or- ganization – Meeting Joint Commission stan- dards is an accomplishment recognized with the awarding of The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval™. Certified organizations proudly display the Gold Seal to advertise their commit- ment to health care quality.
  • Strengthens community confidence in the quality and safety of care, treatment and ser- vices – Achieving certification makes a strong statement to the community about an organization’s efforts to provide the highest qual- ity services.
  • Recognized by select insurers and other third parties – In some markets, certification is be- coming a prerequisite to eligibility for insurance reimbursement, or participation for managed care plans and contract bidding.


Joint Commission National Quality Approval
Athens Endoscopy, LLC is recognized by ASGE as a quality endoscopy unit.


Information Coming Soon.

Gastroenterology Office

Gastroenterology Office

Gastroenterology Office
Did you know?...
The Grand Canyon painting you see in the AE Lobby was painted for the office by
Alan Campbell.