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Welcome to Athens Gastroenterology Center,.

the office of Gregory S. Smith, M.D. specializing in Motility & Digestive Diseases (G.I.), Hepatology/ Liver Disease, Endoscopy Procedures, and Investigative Gastroenterology - taking the time to thoroughly investigate your G.I. Health until your “case” is solved.

athens investigative gastroenterologyThe best way to describe Dr. Smith’s Investigative Gastroenterology is: Never giving up on the patient until the patient gives up. If anyone can get to the bottom of your digestive mystery, it’s Dr. Smith! So don’t write off your G.I. problems as a cold case or lost cause. No matter what your G.I. mystery is, stick with Dr. Gregory Smith and he will take the time to thoroughly investigate your G.I. Health until your “case” is solved.


Our center of excellence also provides a Joint Commission certified Ambulatory Surgical Center for endoscopy. For more information on our endoscopy suite, click on Athens Endoscopy, L.L.C.

Why Choose Us?

What makes us different? Not only do we continuously advance our knowledge and medical technology, we are also committed to providing the most comprehensive, personalized, and highest standard of care possible.

We understand how nervous our patients may be when they come in to receive medical care. With Medical Providers and staff who truly care, you will find tranquility and build trust in the warm atmosphere we provide.

In addition to rendering excellent patient health care we are dedicated to giving you the best customer experience. Our office is designed for your comfort while you receive exceptional customer service from our friendly staff. We are always looking for new ways to improve our patient’s service and comfort. We encourage our patients to make suggestions.

Athens Gastroenterology Center is empowering patients to live their best life by providing compassionate and quality digestive care thru scientific knowledge and technological advances. We urge you to ask questions during your visit. Our primary goal is to make sure you feel better educated about your health when you leave than when you came in for your appointment. As always, we do everything we can to better serve your needs in the most efficient and professional manner.

For more information regarding our office and Medical Providers, click on About Us. Be sure to take a Virtual Tour of Athens Gastroenterology Center, P.C. & Athens Endoscopy, L.L.C. Athens Endoscopy,LLC is accredited by American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities Inc. AAAASF is known as the Gold Standard in Accreditation, with patient safety being it's sole mission.




Food For Thought

Never under any circumstances take a sleeping pill and a laxative in the same night.

-Dave Barry