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Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

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Sigmoidoscopy procedure

Flexible igmoidoscopy (sihg-moyd-O-scah-py) is an endoscopy procedure that is performed by Dr. Smith and is used to test the lining of your rectum and a portion of your colon (large intestine).

You will lie on your side during the examination. The doctor will insert a flexible tube with a camera on it called an endoscope that is about the thickness of your finger, through your anus. Dr. Smith will then slowly advance it into the rectum and lower part of the colon. As Dr. Smith withdraws the instrument, he will carefully examine the lining of the intestine.

If the doctor finds something that needs further evaluation, Dr. Smith will take a biopsy (sample of the colon lining) to be analyzed by the laboratory. Biopsies are fairly common and are used to identify many conditions, so he might order one even if he doesn't suspect cancer.

If Dr. Smith finds polyps—growths on the lining of the colon—he might take a biopsy of them as well. Polyps known as "hyperplastic" might not require removal, but benign polyps known as "adenomas" are potentially pre-cancerous. Dr. Smith may ask you to have a full colonoscopy (complete examination of the colon) to remove any large polyps or any small adenomas.

The exam is generally well tolerated. If you don't have sedation (medicine to make you sleepy) for the exam, you might experience a feeling of pressure, bloating or cramping during the test. After the test, all patients might feel bloated or cramping. It will go away quickly once you pass gas. You should be able to resume normal activities after leaving the facility if you did not have sedation.

If you had sedation, do not drive home yourself. You will most likely need to go to bed after you get home.

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Athens Endoscopy, LLC: Report directly to suite 2 of the same building as Athens Gastroenterology Center, PC. The main number for Athens Endoscopy, LLC is (706) 433-0788.

Athens Regional Medical Center: Report directly to the Endoscopy Department in the Talmadge Tower II, second floor. Park in the Parking Garage across from the Talmadge Tower II. You will register in the Endoscopy Department. The main number for Athens Regional is (706) 475-7000.

St. Mary's Hospital: Park in the Parking Deck off of Baxter Street. Report directly to Outpatient Registration near the Emergency Room. You will register there, and will be escorted to the Endoscopy Department. The main number for St. Mary's is (706) 354-3000.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at (706) 548-0058. If you have specific questions about the hospital where the procedure is to be performed, please call the hospital directly.

This information from the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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