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Anal Fissure, Abscess, and Fistula

Anal fistulas, anal fissures and anal abscesses are common disorders of the anorectal region that can often only be cured long-term by operation.

The acute anal fissure can usually be treated successfully by mild invasive means, whereas the chronical anal fissure can be cured by local fissurectomy as a rule. Primary anal abscesses and anal fistulas differ as a result from an infection of the proctodeal glands. The acute form, the anal abscess, always requires wide opening and drainage. Caudal intersphincteric and -trans-sphincteric anal fistulas can be cured by the division method. A fistula may be present at birth or developed because of complication of a disease such as Crohn's disease. Fistulas may close on its own or require surgery to repair it.

What are The Treatments ?

Thorough understanding of the pathophysiology of anal fissures and fistulas is essential for the physician treating these conditions to restore the patient's quality of life. These conditions ranges from acute to minor. An acute fissure often heals in a month with conservative management; long-standing disease is relieved by lateral internal sphincterotomy. An acute fistulous abscess must be drained by unroofing the abscess rather than by simple incision, which fosters recurrence. Chronic fistula requires fistulotomy, which can be done with a local anesthetic. Fistulas with multiple external orifices should be treated by a specialist in rectal surgery.

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This informational material is taken from the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources.

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